Feeling Happy? Content? Motivated?
I had the same problem.
Visit Despair, Inc. today. :-(TM
I found the cure for hope.



On a lighter note...
I just got ICQ 2day.
contact me @ 147229334 or use my nickname (Fadookie) to search the d-base.
I feel happy after writing (and then deleting before publishing- ha ha!) that last message about addiction. I feel hopeful. I feel like checking my e-mail.
Do ya think they laced the rings with crack? Nah, that would be an injustice to the books, but they might do it in LOTR movie #3, "Return OF The King"....
BTW evreyone, go to ufomation.blogspot.com for "Breaking" news about the ufomation project. When I say "Breaking" i mean, of course, "Destroying".

IMPORTANT NOTICE: b229.bambi.net is now eliot.bambi.net, contrary to the link on my website. It will take me a bit before I can update my actual website (I changed ISP TWICE, and need upload directories and passwords). Check this blog for news instead. I'll put new files and stuff on eliot.bambi.net after talking about them here.